Two Part Invention

For pianoforte in A Minor.  Opus 7 composed 1975.  Inspired by J. S. Bach’s Two Part Invention in C Major.


For pianoforte in F minor.  Opus 3 composed in 1975.

Northern European Love

For pianoforte and solo voice in D Major.  Opus 10 composed in 1978.

So Beautiful

For pianoforte and solo voice in A Minor.  Opus 9 composed in 1977.

That’s What They Told Me to Do

For electronic organ, synthesiser, drums and electric bass guitar in Eb Minor.  Opus 2 composed in 1974.


For pianoforte in G Major.  Opus 14 composed in 1984.  'Sycamore' as a PDF score

Scottish Wedding

For pianoforte in G Major.  Opus 16 composed in 2006.  Created for the fiftieth wedding anniversary of my parents.

Dead Leaves

For pianoforte in G Major.  Opus 4 composed in 1975.

The Road Goes on Forever

For pianoforte in F Minor.  Opus 12 composed in 1980.


For pianoforte in C Major.  Opus 11 composed in 1980.  Intended to be played as an introduction to ‘The Road Goes on Forever’ (Opus 12).

Song for Alison

For pianoforte and solo voice in A Minor.  Opus 13 composed in 1980.  Dedicated to my wife, Alison.


For two trumpets in G Major.  Opus 5 composed in 1975.

Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion

For pianoforte in D Minor.  Opus 1 composed in 1974.  Alternatively titled “The Waters of Oblivion”.  Inspired by the painting of the same name painted by John Martin around 1812.  The painting is currently owned by Southampton City Art Gallery (at 13 September 2013).

Elvira Saadi

For pianoforte in D Minor.  Opus 8 composed in 1976 and intended to be used as the accompanying music to a gymnastic floor exercise.  'Elvira Saadi' as a PDF score

Twelve Tone Motif

For pianoforte in G Major.  Opus 6 composed in 1975.  An attempt to create a musical phrase using the twelve notes of the chromatic scale.

Wedding March No. 1

For church pipe organ in G Major.  Opus 15 composed in 1985.  Created for the wedding of one of my sisters.

Loch Ard Suite

For pianoforte in various keys.  Opus 17.

Dedicated to the memory of my parents-in-law, George and Barbara Meek, this comprises four short pianoforte pieces entitled ‘The Ben’, ‘The Narrows’, ‘Duke Murdoch’s Island’ and ‘The Pass’ inspired by locations around Loch Ard and The Pass of Aberfoyle in Stirlingshire, Scotland.

Family Trees

For pianoforte in various keys.  Opus 18.

Currently in development.  Work was started on this piece after a family member was contacted ‘out-of-the blue’ by a firm of heir hunters from London.

Sonic Statues

For electronic synthesisers.  Opus 19.

Currently in development.  Music inspired by J.G. Ballard’s collection of short stories entitled Vermilion Sands.


Keyboard Works [2008]

Keyboard Works - Richard Haran Murray

The photograph on the cover of ‘Keyboard Works’ is the intellectual property of Prof. H. M. Robertson and is used with the kind permission of the copyright owner.

Track List

  1. Introduction
  2. The Road Goes On Forever
  3. Sleaze
  4. Elvira Saadi
  5. Scottish Wedding
  6. Sycamore
  7. Two-part Invention in A Minor
  8. Wedding March
  9. The Waters of Oblivion
  10. Twelve-tone Motif
  11. Fanfare
  12. Dead Leaves
  13. Northern European Love
  14. So Beautiful

Singles and EPs

The Road Goes on Forever [2008]

The Loch Ard Suite [2009]

  1. Part I – ‘The Ben’
  2. Part II – ‘The Narrows’
  3. Part III – ‘Duke Murdoch’s Island’
  4. Part IV – ‘The Pass’  'The Pass' as a PDF score